Cornish Crabmeat

We stock a fantastic range of Cornish crabmeat products, all handpicked in Newlyn, Cornwall. Demand for Christmas will be high for these products, so we need to give our supplier a bit of notice on large orders. These trays of crabmeat have a good shelf life and are so great to have in the fridge as a special treat or a standby lifesaver for when unexpected guests pop in!

The range is as follows:

Newlyn Cornish Crabmeat

Brownmeat 250g tray £2.99
Brownmeat 500g pouch £5.99
Whitemeat 250g tray £8.99
Whitemeat 500g pouch £17.99
50/50 white/brown 250g tray £5.99
Peeled claws 250g tray £6.99
Dressed crab 140g min £4.50

Also available – Whole crabs, Spider crabs and Lobsters, 500g-3KG. Cooked weight available.

Bon Appetite, Ian